About Us

Welcome to FriendsPast

A site guided by love, affection and fond memories. It was inspired by what, on the face of it, was a sad event: the passing of a close family member. In the way of funerals and wakes, mourners began talking of the person they had lost. The conversations were tinged with sorrow but soon there were also smiles as people recalled the happy times, re-told the old stories and relived some great shared moments.


And that is what FriendsPast is about. On this site, people can post tributes to their loved ones, add to tributes already posted and build stories that will grow down the years.


FriendsPast gives people the opportunity to commemorate the lives of their loved ones, to record their achievements and also to remember the little, intimate things that make a person special. They can share their memories with family and friends and, should they wish, with the wider FriendsPast community.


The site is easy to follow and explains itself step by step. If you are a little uncertain about how to write a tribute there are examples which you can follow and shape to your own requirements.


Life is like a great book. With each passing a chapter is closed, but it remains part of the story to be enjoyed again and again.


FriendsPast is the book. Please feel free to add a chapter.