Grandmothers have some very special qualities that we don’t always take the time to be thankful for.

Wisdom, a lifetime of experience and the warmth of security and unconditional love that your Grandmother gave you are just some of the wonderful qualities she brought to your life, whether for half a lifetime or just a handful of years.

If you have been lucky enough to experience the joy of making your own Mother a Grandmother, you already know how she has enriched your children’s lives in a million wonderful ways, just like your own Grandmother did yours.

And how often have you heard your own parents say, in moments of quiet discourse or poignant reflection, ‘My mother used to say’ or ‘My mother would always…’ and how often too they might say, ‘I see a lot of your Grandmother in you…’

A Grandmother was warm hugs and sweet memories. Remember? When she was in your life, she cited all of your accomplishments and forgot all of your mistakes and sometimes fickle ways.

She was someone you could always tell your secrets and worries to, and she hoped and prayed that all your dreams would come true.


Your Grandmother always, always loved you, no matter what. When you were in the bad books with your Mother or Father, she could see past your temper tantrums and bad moods, and always made it clear that they didn’t change how precious you were to her. Her love was unconditional.

She was the encouraging word, the tender touch. Always full of proud smiles. Always taking out that old shoe box, full of those faded photos of your Mom and Dad when they were young and she was younger too.

She was the one person in the world who loved you with all her heart, who remembered the child you were and loved the person you had become.

With that old shoebox of faded photos, your Grandmother was a great story-teller, and you learned a lot about the people you’re related to. Remember, the fun it was to reminisce with her, because every time you learned something new about the people in your life?

Grandma, the family historian…

Your Grandmother is irreplaceable, a one-off, and when that day came for her to leave you, nothing, you knew, would ever be the same again.

You can treasure the time you had with her, right here and now, by paying  Tribute … and preserve special memories of your Grandmother.

On Friends Past, your Tribute will endure for ever and ever …