Trust, love, resourcefulness, kindness…INTIMACY…come to mind when you think of Your Wife.

She was beautiful, smart, sexy, funny and seemed like the only girl in the world.

And she loved you, not for what you looked like, not for what you worked at, not for who you knew…She loved you just for you.

Your Wife, if you were blessed or just lucky, was also your best friend. Remember, whenever you faced a problem, she was there by your side, needing to make the best effort to solve whatever it was, along with you. You would always consult her first.

Your Wife, most likely, spent the entire day away from you. The moment she met you, she opened her heart  to you. But she was also a good listener.


She showed you love, patience, and understanding. Her love knew no  bounds.

Remember, when you could both sit in the same room for hours doing completely different things and be at complete peace. Make plans, break plans, have discussions about your relationship, and just about everything else.

Giving birth to your child or children and starting a family is never an easy task. Your Wife radiated each time she carried your child and brought him or her into the world.And it was her love, patience, kindness and common sense that made your child or children who they are today.

Maybe children were not part of the plan, or simply never happened but she fulfilled your life non the less, with her love, devotion and friendship.

She cared for you when you were ill, tendered to your every whim, admired you and laughed at your jokes for you were. Always,  the most important person to her.

Of course, it was not a bed of roses every day. A relationship is a give and take process. But you helped each other change and grow with, and for, each other.

No single person in the world is perfect. It’s not the factor of beauty or nature; there can be issues with habits, behavior, misunderstanding. Every person is unique with their flaws. You embraced your wife’s, and she yours.

The death of a much-loved spouse is the ultimate sadness. One day you are married, the next day you are single, alone and grieving.

Your love for your wonderful wife was greatest loved story ever told,

Now you can pay Tribute to her here and now on Friends Past. A Tribute that will endure for ever and ever. Just like her love …